Take the guesswork out of purchasing industrial recycling equipment

Purchasing industrial recycling equipment to process wood waste can be a complex process. Many variables can influence the decision and there is often a lengthy vetting process. This is not an impulse purchase.

Nobody understands the challenges you face better than Joe Belo, Recycling and Forestry specialist at RDO Equipment Co. in California. He is one of the dedicated recycling and forestry experts employed by Vermeer dealerships to help you navigate the ins and outs of purchasing wood processing equipment.

Joe took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few frequently asked questions.

What role does the Vermeer Recycling and Forestry specialist play during the equipment purchasing process?

Vermeer Recycling and Forestry specialists are 100% involved. We are very hands-on and engaged during the entire process. This includes setting up demos so you can get a look at the machine to understand how it operates and gauge the productivity of each option.

The Recycling and Forestry specialists stay informed of what is going on that may affect your purchase of industrial recycling equipment. For example, special funding may be available through government programs to help with the purchase of a new grinder or the sale of a used unit. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.

How does the Recycling and Forestry specialist’s expertise help buyers make more informed decisions?

The Recycling and Forestry specialist’s expertise in industrial recycling equipment can help you choose the right machine. Our experience becomes an important asset when sizing a grinder for your jobsite. We give you immediate access to information regarding productivity, reliability and warranties.

When purchasing a trommel, what size screen do you need? We will work with you to make an educated decision based on your needs and our broad industry experience.

The local knowledge of the Recycling and Forestry specialist proves beneficial when identifying how to maximize results on your jobsite. We know our territory, including what equipment is being used and any new developments. If you don’t keep up with what’s going on in your territory, you’re going to be lost.

We are often asked if we’ve seen a specific approach work. Our feedback can provide insights into how jobs can be performed more efficiently. For example, one customer was producing an end product that was particularly hard on screens. We tried a few different configurations and came up with a size that worked. We then discussed options for hard face screens and the breaker bar on their tub grinder. That helped them create the product more efficiently and they are now getting more time out of their wear parts.

What is the Recycling and Forestry specialist’s role in equipment delivery, training and setup?

The Recycling and Forestry specialist is involved in the startup of industrial recycling equipment. I make sure I am always there when the machine is delivered. We will review the machine thoroughly and address any questions. I make sure you feel comfortable running and operating the machine properly before I leave the site.

I can provide training resources so your team can properly and efficiently run the equipment. As a Recycling and Forestry specialist, I’m here to answer any questions as they pop up to help you make better choices about how you run your equipment to be the most productive.

How do the Recycling and Forestry specialist’s factory connections prove beneficial?

The Recycling and Forestry specialist serves as the connection between you and the factory so that you have one point of contact. The factory helps the Recycling and Forestry specialist find answers to any questions to help ensure you are taken care of.

See what a recycling and forestry specialist can do for you.

Recycling and Forestry specialists spend time with you on a regular basis. We watch the machines run and compare notes with our colleagues. By leveraging our experience, shared industry knowledge, feedback from the factory and our customers, we can provide a level of support that helps you achieve your objectives.

Contact your local Vermeer dealer to connect with a Recycling and Forestry specialist.

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