New LS3600TX low speed shredder enables efficient recycling

The LS3600TX low speed shredder is the latest innovation to the lineup of powerful waste processing equipment offered by Vermeer.

The Vermeer LS3600TX is specifically designed to excel at processing a wide variety of materials, including construction and demolition waste (C&D), wood waste with contaminants and municipal solid waste (MSW). It is well-suited for waste facilities and land clearing operations, as well as compost, mulch and biofuel producers.

“For 30 years, Vermeer has been a leading manufacturer of high-speed grinders,” said Jeff Bradley, Vermeer Recycling and Forestry product manager. “During that time, recycling has become a common practice at public and private waste handling facilities and has become another source of revenue for many organizations. To help our customers optimize their processing capabilities and handle a wider range of incoming materials, we have developed the LS3600TX low speed shredder. This shredder allows companies to process contaminated materials not suited for a tub or horizontal grinder.”

Stepping into a new market

“Find a need, fill that need with a product built to last and simply build the best.” These words were famously spoken by Vermeer founder Gary Vermeer, who made a name for himself by designing products that transformed industries and helped shape new ones altogether. Products that prove there is always a better way to get the job done.

That long-standing idea sparked the beginning of one of the most highly anticipated product launches for the Recycling and Forestry team at Vermeer.

Around 2011, market research began. While researching the shredder industry, competitive products and struggles shared by operators, the Vermeer team created a plan for a product that would make a real impact on customers’ operations. Bradley explained, “Some of the goals set out early in the project were not easy — they were industry issues that other shredder manufacturers had not been able to solve.”

The project’s initial scope and goals were not simple to achieve. But solving those issues is what customers needed — so the engineers were tasked with finding a way to solve the problems shared by operators.

When creating a new machine, the most insightful — and sometimes frustrating — process is often testing. Every component in the machine must be thoroughly tested to withstand a variety of situations and materials. Corey Harthoorn, a test application engineer explained, “We really had to prove out the components through testing. Prove that it was repeatable, from one day to the next. It needs to do the same work, every day, day after day.”

Developing a new product is a tedious process, with lots of trial and error. “We wanted to make sure when the machine was taken to market, it was done right,” said Bradley. “We took the extra time upfront to make sure we are entering the market with a proven machine.” Although the finalized product took longer than expected, the LS3600TX was well worth the wait.

What sets the LS3600TX apart?

The LS3600TX is designed to be a highly productive, feature-rich and versatile addition for operators wanting to efficiently process materials that may otherwise damage a high-speed grinder due to contamination. This shredder incorporates cutting edge technology that efficiently processes contaminated waste streams and helps safeguard critical machine components.

Featuring a single shaft welded rotor and adjustable comb, this machine was built with robust components and durability in mind to tackle challenging materials with ease. Operations that deal with C&D, pallets, green waste, MSW and other approved materials will find the performance and flexibility that this machine provides is a game-changer for waste recycling.

Unlike shredders of the same class, the LS3600TX addresses long-standing frustrations and maintenance issues. Unparalleled access to the rotor, comb and engine makes it one of the most maintenance-friendly shredders on the market. The engine bay of the LS3600TX features large access doors, multiple ladder points and a spacious service platform — an intentional design enabling quick and efficient maintenance. 

Additionally, the LS3600TX is equipped with a hydraulically operated access system that provides full exposure to the rotor, comb and belly conveyor, further streamlining maintenance procedures. Also, the belly conveyor can be easily removed without detaching the discharge conveyor, minimizing the invasiveness of service operations.

The LS3600TX shredder is powered by a 456-hp (340-kW) CAT Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine operating at a sound power of just 111.9 db(A).

It also comes with a full-function remote control, allowing operators to adjust the feed, access machine data and diagnose fault codes from the comfort of the loader’s cab. The shredder features a tracked undercarriage, which enables operators to reposition and maneuver it around a jobsite.

The LS3600TX is equipped with a 10 ft (3 m) long rotor featuring wear-resistant plates for enhanced durability and dual-bolt tips to help maintain clamp load, and minimize time spent performing maintenance. It utilizes individual bolt-in comb teeth, each with two usable edges, which extends their lifespan. The shredder is built with a fully mechanical driveline designed to optimize horsepower transfer to the rotor. To safeguard the driveline system against unshreddable objects, the LS3600TX includes a reversible mechanical transmission with an external torque limiter that will automatically disengage the drive when maximum torque is reached. An optional cross band magnet for the LS3600TX can effectively reduce steel contaminants from the end material, minimizing contamination in the final product.

Proven recycling solutions

As jobsites have evolved in the 30 years since Vermeer entered the recycling and forestry industry, the demand for a machine to handle different waste applications was needed.

The LS3600TX joins a lineup of high-speed tub grinders and horizontal grinders to deliver one of the industry’s most comprehensive waste processing and recycling equipment offerings. With the addition of the LS3600TX, the challenges operators face have been addressed by enabling our customers to process a wider range of difficult materials.

By pre-shredding bulk materials before grinding, this innovative machine gives operators around the globe the opportunity to expand into new markets. For more information about the Vermeer LS3600TX low speed shredder, contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region.

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Did you miss the live launch? No worries — check out the full video featuring the dedicated Vermeer team members who helped design, build and assemble this new product.

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