The important work of tree care

Tree care work – working in small towns, suburbs and ever-growing cities. It’s the story of how we manage our green space and care for our trees. Learn more about the people and equipment behind tree care.

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Made for the job

Until 2016, Baumpflege Mertens used to subcontract their stump cutting. Then they made a strategic decision to invest in a Vermeer SC362 stump cutter. In a single day, Mertens was able to take down a spruce, remove several spreading boughs from a chestnut, reduce the crown of a beech and prune back several other trees.

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Why you should be renting to tree care professionals

Want to expand your customer base? Then you should consider renting to tree care professionals. Keep reading to learn more about what they look for in a rental partner.

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Vermeer brush chipper takes a trip to help Journeymen

Even though Journeymen isn’t grand in scale or size, sometimes the projects they help with are. When that happens, they seek out partnerships that fit their mission. One of their recent projects required that kind of teamwork.

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