What options are available for Vermeer compact articulated loaders?

When you’re making a big purchase, it’s important to know your options, so you can make the right decision for your business.

Vermeer compact articulated loaders are equipped with a variety of options to help improve your operating experience. As you consider the best fit for your operation, here’s a breakdown of some of the Vermeer compact articulated loader options you can choose from.

Full cab enclosure

Let’s start with the fully-enclosed cab. If you frequently work in a variety of weather conditions (cold, wind, rain, snow), you can choose the enclosed and sealed cab option, so you can keep going in extreme conditions. The large, glass door of the cab makes it efficient to get in and out of the unit.

Air conditioning and heating system

If the enclosed cab interests you, you might want to consider the heating and cooling system. The air conditioning keeps it cool inside the cab with the air conditioning option (only available on the ATX850 compact articulated loader), or you can stay warm with a heating system. Each comes with ways to adjust the airflow and temperature to keep you comfortable.

Plexiglass windows

If you don’t want to be fully enclosed, you can add a plexiglass back window, right side window or a plexiglass windscreen. Choose the option that works best for your needs.

Auxiliary hydraulics

Let’s switch gears and talk about hydraulics. Additional auxiliary hydraulics offer maximized multi-tool functionality of the loader by giving contractors a wider variety of Vermeer-authorized attachments to use.

Automatic hydraulic-locking attachment plate

There’s also an automatic hydraulic-locking attachment plate that can remotely lock and unlock attachments. This feature is operated from the cab, allowing the operator to stay seated and couple or disconnect attachments that are non-hydraulic, such as a bucket, pallet forks or leveler. This is another way to maximize your efficiency with your compact articulated loader.

12-volt rear electric socket

For the times when you need to connect an attachment that uses electrical systems to change hydraulic flow or actuate cylinders at the back of the unit, you can add and utilize the 12-volt rear electric socket.

Beacon light and LED work lights

If you need to keep the lights on or work in low-light conditions, Vermeer compact articulated loaders can be fitted with additional LED work lights. The LED lights have a high-service life, are wear and low maintenance and consume little energy. A beacon light can also be fitted for visibility on the jobsite.

Engine block heater

When the weather gets cold, there’s always the chance that it may take longer for your engine to start. That’s where the engine block heater can be helpful, which is designed to make machine startup efficient in colder weather.

Floating boom valve

You also have the option to add a floating boom valve. This lets the boom follow the contours of the ground as you move the machine and is helpful when using attachments, such as a flail mower or grading with a combo (4-in-1) bucket.  

Torque divider

Sometimes tough ground conditions, such as mud or snow, can make traction a challenge. Help boost your unit’s productivity by adding the torque divider to the standard Dynamic Blocking System (DBS) on Vermeer compact articulated loaders. It helps all four wheels gain traction in those instances where the ground is covered or slick to help you keep going.

Tires and tread options

Speaking of traction, compact articulated loaders have a variety of tires and tread options to help you get the ideal fit. There are tractor tires, tractor heavy duty (HD), skid and turf. Wide tire options offer optimal flotation and stability, while narrow tire options can help compact the machine width and fit through tighter gaps on jobsites. Choose the tires that are right for your conditions!


Another option you can choose is rear counterweights. These help increase the lifting capacity of the machine and can be helpful if you know you’ll need that extra capacity.

Rear protection bar

Last, but not least, these units can also come with a radiator and engine rear protection bar. This bar uses a steel structure for optimal protection.  

The different options on the compact articulated loaders can help optimize the work and allow your crew to get more done in a day. To learn more about Vermeer compact articulated loaders, contact your local Vermeer dealer today or visit vermeer.com.

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