Benefits of the Vermeer operator presence system

On any jobsite, your priority is to work safely and efficiently. Vermeer stump cutters are designed to help you do just that.

Most Vermeer stump cutters are equipped with an operator presence capacitance-sensing control handle for the boom swing and boom raise/lower. When the operator’s hand is on the lever, a green indicator light on the operator station will illuminate and remain lit while the operator’s hands stay on the lever. If hands are removed from the lever, the system will not allow the cutter wheel to engage and it will stop within seconds.

This feature was developed with operator safety in mind. Implementing it as an automatic feature of the control handle makes this an intuitive system for operators.

“Competitor stump cutters have manual systems for this like holding a button during operation,” said Kyle Newendorp, Vermeer product specialist. “But holding a button for hours on a jobsite can be hard on an operator’s hands on long jobs.”

Although it is designed to be intuitive, there are a few things to keep in mind to make best use of the system.

“It’s best to use lightweight gloves when utilizing the operator presence system,” said Newendorp. “Heavier gloves will not work as well with the sensors.”

It is also important to use your entire hand when operating. Not only will this provide you with more control than using just part of your hand, but this will allow the sensors to better detect the operator’s presence.

“Staying active at the operator station will reduce the number of times the cutter wheel disengages and will maximize efficiency at the stump,” said Newendorp.

Knowing your way around the operator presence system will help you maximize the use of your Vermeer stump cutter.

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Here are a few technology features across the entire stump cutter lineup that can work with you to help maximize productivity on the jobsite.

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