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Color mulch has wood processors seeing gold

Coloring mulch is an effective means of diversifying your product line, while helping to meet the growing demand for an ever-growing popular landscaping application. A few tips are worthy of discussion to help get your mulch coloring operation started on the right foot.

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Anthracnose of plane tree

The term “anthracnose ” is used for a disease that affects a variety of shade trees. Learn how to identify and treat trees with the disease.

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Arborists treat shade trees from disease

Does your company need a safety plan?

Creating a safety plan does not mean that the job will take longer. Ken Palmer, president of ArborMaster, a Connecticut-based firm that specializes in training for the tree care industry, knows this for a fact.

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Staying current on pest and disease treatment

For a tree care professional offering plant health-care services, accurate and timely knowledge about disease and insects is worth its weight in gold. In the age of the Internet, access to information is easy; deciding what to use is more problematic.

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Pest infestation on trees

A new approach to tree care advice

One group of tree care professionals has come up with an innovative approach to interacting with the public. It uses its website to provide helpful tree health information and diagnostic advice and to market various treatment options.

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