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Tree revitalization project flourishes in the wake of a damaging winter storm

On Oct. 12, 2006, Mother Nature dropped a winter storm that would change the landscape of the Town of Tonawanda, New York, for decades. The premature storm dumped 24 inches (61 cm) of snow on the town, damaged 1,600 trees in the town’s right-of-ways — in some cases, wiping out entire city streets — and left the town with a $26 million cleanup project.

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Re-treeing the Town of Tonawanda

From Those Who Know: Hamilton Tree Service

Keeping it in the family is the name of the game for Hamilton Tree Service. Started 50 years ago by Dex Hamilton, his son Grant carries on the full service company in California. Hear from Hamilton about operating two complementary businesses as part of the From Those Who Know series.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: Hamilton Tree Service

Will work for perks

Employee benefits and incentives can be a powerful recruiting and retention tool. Perks can be a great way to boost employee satisfaction and, in turn, company culture and productivity.

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Will work for perks - Vermeer Tree Views