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Tech Tuesday: TreeBook app

Your phone or tablet can be a useful tool for identifying and diagnosing problems in the field, especially when using the app TreeBook.

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Tree Views Tech Tuesday

2015 industry trends

In this podcast Judith Guido explains how to distinguish trends from a fad and how micro trends in technology, like mobile apps and drones, can help contractors differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Building an emergency plan

A good plan starts well before the work ever does. Nothing disrupts job flow or makes a bad situation worse than needing a tool, skill or item of emergency equipment and not having it. Be sure the basics are covered before work begins.

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Tree Care safety

Common areas of stump cutter neglect

Stump removal is no longer the back-breaking, time-consuming chore it used to be. With the right stump cutter, virtually any type of hardwood tree stump is easily swept away. Follow these simple tips for keeping this workhorse on the job.

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Vermeer SC60TX Stump Cutter

Safely felling a tree: a five-step guide

The process for safely felling a tree includes things like determining felling direction, assessing side lean, planning an escape route and more. Take a look at (and download) this five-step guide for felling a tree.

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When using a chain saw, stand with your feet firmly planted and always operate the chain saw with both hands on the saw.