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Daily inspection of chipper is time well-spent

Gary McKeag, brush chipper service technician at Vermeer Corporation, says if you address the following two important maintenance issues, you will go a long way toward having a chipper that delivers top performance.

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Vermeer BC1200XL brush chipper in action

Tools of the trade: pole pruner

For a tree care company that does not want to use a climber for basic pruning and tree trimming jobs, a pole pruner can be a good option; and if properly selected and used, can impact the efficiency and economics of the tree service business.

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How to stay busy in the off-season

A real-world education learned along the way

You will see some people in the tree care business using an axe to take out small stumps or tying the stumps to their pickup and ripping them out. They are not working efficiently. Paul Ginty has been a serious student of the economics and efficiencies of the tree care business for the dozen years he has operated Paul’s Tree Service. See his findings.

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SC252 stump cutter grinding a tree stump.

Managing tree care equipment fleets

Many factors can influence the efficiency and productivity of tree care equipment, although none likely more important than effectively managing equipment fleets.

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This maintenance approach helps extend the useful life of brush chippers.

Forming a financial advisory team

Should you look outside your tree care crew and put together a professional advisory team with the business skills and expertise that you lack? And, if so, how do you select and organize such a team?

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An advisory team could be helpful for a tree care business owner when making critical decisions.

The basic force in rigging operations

Read about the most basic force present in many rigging operations — the 2-to-1 force factor — in order to help design and develop safer, more efficient rigging systems.

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Climber using safe practices while performing basic rigging operations.

Research your buying decision

Like equipment, there are decisions you can make that will impact how you do your job. Nowadays there is so much more to learn about clothing. Take the five minutes and do a little research. Chances are you will make a much better buying decision that will most likely affect how well you do your job.

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Climb safe! It's all in the tools and training

“Climb safe” is a common signature among co-workers in emails and other correspondence within the tree care industry, and for all the right reasons: tree care, tree removal and related tree climbing are some of the most dangerous activities and occupations in which a person can be involved.

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Climbing Tree Care Employee