Quickshot swivel maximizes convenience

When pulling back product on your horizontal directional drill jobsite, it is of utmost importance to keep that product safe and straight. This is where a swivel comes into the picture.

The Vermeer Quickshot Swivel can accomplish this while maximizing your efficiency.

Convenience is the name of the game for the Quickshot Swivel. It’s stand-alone so you can use them on the backside of a reamer or with a drill bit. This makes the Quickshot Swivel available for a variety of uses on the jobsite.

This level of convenience also comes in a compact package. The Quickshot Swivel takes up less space down hole due to its slim diameter and recessed bolts. This makes for simplistic storage when not in use. But this minimal diameter does not mean minimal strength. The swivel and bolts are made of industry standard alloy steel to last for strength and durability.

Maximize safety

Crank shafting causes safety concerns due to product whip. Vermeer has added a convenient pull tab to aid in connecting the swivel to the plate bit to minimize the chance of crank shafting.

“The width of this tab in association with the Quickshot Swivel design minimizes the chance for it to rotate far enough to cause crank shafting,” said Cody Mecham, Cutting Edge product manager.

Keeping your product straight and secured will maximize the safety on your jobsite.

Maximize longevity

But how do you maximize the life of your Quickshot Swivel? Performing regular maintenance checks will help you spot when your swivel needs additional care. This can be done through visual inspections.

“Take a look at the swivel and make sure there is nothing obvious such as cracks or scarring on it and make sure your bolts are in good condition,” said Mecham.

It is also important to grease it frequently. The Quickshot Swivels are equipped with a grease port, which is accessible on the side of the swivel. It’s important to grease it once it is out of the hole to remove excess water and soil to minimize the bearing stack from corroding.

To learn more about the Quickshot Swivel check it out on borestore.com or contact your local Vermeer dealer.

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