Finding the right mix system for your HDD operation

For horizontal directional drilling crews, drilling fluid mix systems are critical for a successful bore. This is especially true for hard rock drilling jobs. No matter what you’re installing — electric, fiber, gas or water — drilling fluid helps to stabilize the installation path, lubricate and cool the ground, making long bores possible.

With such a big impact on your jobsite, it’s important to have the right unit configured to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Vermeer mix system options

To find your optimal mix system, you need to know what your options are. Here are some fast facts about the mix systems Vermeer has to offer.

  • MX125 mixing system: Designed for small-diameter, short-distance horizontal directional drilling jobs, the MX125 is powered by a 5.5-horsepower (4.1-kW) Honda gas engine or a 6.7-horsepower (5-kW) Hatz diesel engine. It comes with your choice of a 300-gal or 500-gallon (1,135.6-L or 1,892.7-L) tank.
  • MX300 mixing system: With the option to arrange your setup to meet the jobsite needs, the MX300 can be configured through mounting the tank in a variety of positions related to the power unit. Equipped with a 23-horsepower (17.2-kW) Kohler ECH 730 EFI engine, the 350-gallons per minute (1,324.9-L/min) pump flow efficiently mixes high volumes of fluid for a variety of bores — from smaller shots to large-diameter and longer-distance HDD applications in varying soil types.
  • MX300D mixing system: The MX300D pairs well with a variety of drills and is ready to mix. It is equipped with a 24.7-horsepower (18.42-kW) CAT C1.1 engine and 350-gallons per minute (1,324.9-L/min) pump flow to provide powerful performance on the job. It comes with two tanks, powered by the same power unit, with the option to support either the 750-gallon (2,839.1-L) or the 1,000-gallon (3,785.4-L) tank.

Selecting the right mix system

When finding the Vermeer mixing system that’s the best fit for you, there are a few things to consider and to discuss with your local dealer.

  • Drill size: The bigger the bore, the more drilling fluid necessary. Make sure that you choose a system with the fluid capacity and flow capabilities to pair with your drill.
  • Fuel type: Maximize convenience and efficiency by running your mix system on the same fuel as your drill. Find options in both gasoline and diesel.
  • Storage and trailering: It’s important to consider everything surrounding the mix system as well. Determine with your dealer the best system to store additives, either liquid or dry, and method of transportation.

Mounting options

A mix system is only good if you can transport and set it up with ease. There are a few ways to mount mix systems, be sure to consult with your local dealer to determine the best configuration for you.

  • Truck: For larger drills that take up trailer space, you can mount the mix system on a truck. That way, your set-up can be transported in one trip to maximize efficiency.
  • Trailer: For smaller drills, the corresponding mix system can accompany it on a trailer.
  • Inline mounting: When the mix system is mounted inline it is parallel to the trailer. In this configuration the power pack sits directly in front of it. This is the only way the Vermeer MX125 mixing system can be mounted.
  • Cross-body mounting: In a cross-body mounting, the mix system is set perpendicular to the trailer.

“The more you can get to the jobsite on one trailer or truck minimizes the number of trips and travel expense to your operation,” said Brandon Wagner, Vermeer sales manager.

Use your local dealer

Still not sure what mix system will serve your HDD operation the best? Not a problem! Your local Vermeer dealer is trained to help you select and set-up your new mix system.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications.

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