Vermeer HDD installs fiber in St. Louis

ADB Companies use D20x22 S3 HDD to connect communities

With technology’s growing importance in our world, the need for fiber solutions is at an all-time high. Vermeer horizonal directional drills (HDD) equips contractors, like those at ADB Companies in St. Louis, Missouri, to connect their communities.

“In this area the size of the drill, the D20x22 HDD, it’s pretty perfect,” said Thomas Scego, drill foreman at ADB Companies. “It’s narrow enough to get into the tight spaces that we need, but it’s got the power to do the bigger shots that we have to do. All in all, it’s a very good machine.”

At 47.5-in (120-cm) wide, the D20x22 S3 has a narrow design, allowing for efficient navigation and transportation in urban areas.

But according to Scego, the narrow footprint doesn’t mean less drilling power. With a maximum spindle torque of 2250 ft-lb (3,050 Nm), it has the power to install conduit efficiently.

“It’s got a lot of power for the size of it,” said Scego. “It makes my job a lot simpler and a lot easier to get everything done. I couldn’t ask for a much better machine.”

A digital display and onboard diagnostics assist in making the job convenient for operators. This is one of the features of the common control system that all S3 drills have. With the common control system, operators can learn the controls on a variety of Vermeer drill sizes quickly and efficiently. ABD Companies found that this common control system also allowed for optimal training of new operators.

Ease of use leads to efficient installation. For ABD Companies, that means efficient installation of fiber conduit to connect the communities.

“I feel like I’m doing important work here and we’re making St. Louis a little bit bigger and better,” said Scego.

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No matter their level of experience, all horizontal directional drilling contractors would benefit from being more knowledgeable about tooling — a vital yet often underappreciated part of any fiber project.

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