Hydro and air vacuum excavation applications — going beyond utility work

Since the introduction of hydro and air vacuum excavation equipment, utility applications like potholing and cleaning up horizontal directional drilling (HDD) slurry have been a natural fit for these machines. However, vacuum excavators aren’t just for utility work anymore. Many industries are using vacuum excavators to replace more labor-intensive and inefficient methods of working.

Vermeer vacuum excavators have a wide range of applications, many of which don’t even involve excavating, from industrial plant to reshaping sand traps at golf courses. Here’s a look at a few industries using hydro and air vacuum excavation equipment.

Vacuum excavation for municipal work

Many cities employ large truck vacs to maintain networks of sewer systems. However, public works departments sometimes need smaller and more nimble vacuum excavators to help and allow crews to work in more places at once. Municipalities are adding hydro and air vacuum excavation systems to dig for poles and signs, aid with water line repairs, exercise water valves and jet sewer pipes.

“Cities, counties and state entities are always discovering new ways to use vac systems,” said Jake Jeffords, director of sales, marketing and global accounts at Vermeer MV Solutions. “Beyond some of the traditional applications, workers employ vacuum excavators to remove roots and debris around water meters and valves.”

Cleaning with vacuum excavation

Industry plants are investing in vacuum excavators to help clean around facilities. “Vacuums aren’t new for cleaning at industrial plants,” explained Jeffords. “Facility managers used to have to employ service companies with big trucks to work during scheduled shutdowns. With smaller vacuum excavators, they can now make cleaning an ongoing effort, which has helped extend the intervals between scheduled shutdowns.”

Vacuum excavation helps with agricultural tasks

Vacuum excavators are finding a home in agriculture doing a variety of projects. For example, using a high-powered digging wand and suction hose can reduce the time it takes to set fence posts. Also, when fencing is being done in areas that share the right of way with buried utilities, vacuum excavation can help mitigate the risk of damaging the utilities.

Landscaping pros find uses for vacuum excavators

Vacuum excavators are also good for a few niche landscaping applications. Contractors are renting them to remove old mulch or rock around flowerbeds, parks and buildings. They’re also using them to dig holes for fence posts and footings for signs and even for setting headstones at cemeteries.

How can air or hydro vacuum excavation help your business?

There are many applications where using a vacuum excavator can improve efficiencies.

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