Maximize your directional drilling productivity: the power of the Vermeer D550 hdd

Productivity is paramount in the world of directional drilling. Every minute saved and every reamer pass eliminated can make a significant difference in project timelines. That’s where the Vermeer D550 horizontal directional drill (HDD) comes in. This cutting-edge horizontal directional drill is designed to enhance productivity and optimize efficiency for drill crews across industries. Whether it’s installing water lines or high-voltage cables, or replacing oil and gas infrastructure, the D550 is redefining performance underground.

The Vermeer D550 HDD is a powerful tool that can help optimize drilling productivity in the field.

Minimizing reamer passes

One of the key factors contributing to productivity in directional drilling is torque. The D550 boasts an impressive 100,000 ft-lb (135,581 Nm) of torque, empowering drill operators to go from the pilot bore to a larger reamer with fewer passes. Contractors no longer need to spend valuable time and resources on multiple reaming passes before swabbing the hole and initiating the pullback process. By maximizing torque, the D550 accelerates the drilling process. This feature alone has made the D550 the go-to choice for contractors tired of making extra passes on long-distance bores and those seeking best-in-class rotational power in the 250-ton (227-mT) maxi rig class.

The D550 also offers the flexibility of three or four rotation motors, allowing contractors to choose between speed and torque based on their specific project requirements.

Keeping fluids flowing

Efficient fluid flow is essential for optimal drilling performance. The D550 is equipped with a 4-in (10.2-cm) fluid course that allows for high volumes of fluid to be pumped downhole while maintaining low pressure. By enabling more fluid to be pumped at a lower pressure, the D550 allows a steady and efficient mud flow, helping enhance productivity, especially on longer crossings.

Optimizing power

The Vermeer D550 HDD features a hydraulic transmission that provides the ability to transmit full engine power at a conservative PSI. Even in tough and aggressive drilling applications, the hydraulic circuit is designed to maintain system pressures for optimal dependability and reduced maintenance. This means the D550 can perform reliably under challenging conditions to maximize productivity.

With the D550’s hydraulic transmission, drill operators can tackle demanding projects with confidence, knowing that they have the power and performance they need to get the job done efficiently.

Delivering flexibility

The Vermeer D550 HDD is equipped with a full travel vise that can be positioned up and down the rack as needed. This feature is particularly useful when making and breaking tooling joints, as it allows drill crews to position the vise close to the carriage for optimal casing handling on direct installation projects.

The full travel vise adds flexibility and convenience, making it simple for drill crews to set up for different types of jobs. This feature can help expedite the casing installation process and minimize the need for manual labor when dealing with tight tool joints.

Streamlining operations

Vermeer understands the importance of a seamless transition between different drill models. That’s why the D550 is equipped with a common control platform known as the G4 platform. This advanced technology enhances the operator experience and productivity by providing a smooth and intuitive transition for operators moving from smaller drills to the D550.

The G4 platform’s touchscreen interface offers clear instructions and guidance to help operators adapt and utilize the drill’s features to their full potential.

Additionally, the D550 offers three different auto-drilling modes — rotation, thrust, and speed. This allows operators to select the right mode for specific job requirements, further optimizing productivity and easing the drilling process.

Simplifying troubleshooting

Efficient maintenance and troubleshooting processes are crucial for maximizing productivity. The D550 incorporates onboard telematics, providing drill operators and service technicians with easy access to vital diagnostic information. This enables fast troubleshooting and efficient resolution of issues on the job site.

Minimizing noise

Environmental considerations are increasingly important, and minimizing noise impact is a priority. The D550 is designed to operate at a guaranteed sound power level of 111 db(A), making it one of the quietest machines in its class. This low sound level helps maintain a quiet working environment for drill crews and can potentially eliminate the need for sound attenuation barriers on some jobsites, especially in or around urban areas.

Boosting productivity

With its class-leading torque, increased fluid flow, hydraulic transmission, full travel vise, common control platform, simplified maintenance and troubleshooting, and quiet operation, the D550 empowers drill crews to optimize productivity and efficiency on a wide range of projects. Now, drill crews can tackle even the most challenging drilling projects with confidence, knowing that they have the power, reliability and advanced technology they need to succeed.

Experience the difference that the Vermeer D550 HDD can make and take your directional drilling productivity to new heights. Contact your local Vermeer dealer today.

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