Vermeer reimagines the HG4000 horizontal grinder

The next generation of Vermeer horizontal grinders reimagines how these popular machines are designed, built and operated. What sets them apart? Operator control, grinding efficiency, ease of maintenance and engine performance — and so much MORE.

The HG4000 horizontal grinder is the first to be reimagined, designed to process everything from green waste to pallets and scrap lumber.

“The HG4000 builds on the legacy of Vermeer horizontal grinders that are known for efficiently processing logs and other organic matter into valuable end products,” said Vermeer recycling and forestry product manager, Jeff Bradley. “We are keeping what operators love most about these machines, while adding performance features that will translate to maximized productivity on the jobsite.”

Grind efficiently

The Vermeer HG4000 horizontal grinder delivers the ability to process maximum material while minimizing potential damage from contaminants. This helps maximize productivity and improve the quality of the end products.

Spend more time feeding and less time adjusting settings with the intelligent feed system on the HG4000. Able to autonomously monitor engine speed and optimize feed speeds, it adjusts to best use available horsepower.

Minimize the need to manipulate large materials with a large 42-in x 60-in (106.7-cm x 152.4-cm) feed opening and robust infeed sidewalls that allow operators to feed whole trees and other large material with minimal restriction.

The feed roller is equipped with more aggressive teeth than its predecessor. Coupled with down pressure, this allows the machine to pull in hard-to-feed material and helps prevent blockages, which minimizes the need for operator interaction with material. Infeed table sidewalls provide optimal visibility to material in the infeed.

In addition to optimizing the feed rate, grinders need the capability to help protect themselves from metal contaminants mixed with the incoming materials.

An optional Damage Defense system for the HG4000 detects certain metal contaminants prior to processing to help protect machine components. If the mill encounters certain metal contaminants while grinding, the Damage Defense system will automatically initiate the shutdown process. The system will reduce the likelihood of metal being pulled into the mill by immediately reversing the feed system, helping prevent significant damage to the grinder.

An optional cross band magnet minimizes ferrous metals in the end product by pulling metal from the conveyor after the material has gone through the machine.

A dependable engine backed by global support increases the power output compared to the previous generation HG4000. A 536-hp (399.7-kW) CAT C13B engine provides energy to process difficult material.

Maintain control

Technological features enhance operator control both on the machine and in the loader cab. An industry-leading, full-function, wireless remote allows operators to control grinder functions from up to 300 ft (91 m) away. This allows the operator to adjust machine settings from the cab of the loading machine. This includes control of the infeed settings, engine droop, conveyor height and more. An on-machine 7-in (17.78-cm) touchscreen display also allows you to view real-time machine diagnostics.

Don’t stress over maintenance

Drum design makes all the difference for a horizontal grinder. The next generation of HG4000 horizontal grinders is transitioning from the Series II duplex drum design to the Series III. The updated Series incorporates new technologies that make grinder maintenance convenient to help extend the wear life of your equipment.

“The drum is the heart of any grinder,” said Bradley.

The patented Series III duplex drum features 18 bolt-on tips and nine replaceable hammers that can be reversed for extended life compared to single-sided designs. It features an improved hammer retention design over its predecessor. A tapered round wedge system in the Series III duplex drum to hold the hammer minimizes stress points in the drum versus the previous rectangular hole. This helps prevent movement that could lead to wear. Added hardfacing provides extended life for the drum.

A properly adjusted drive belt helps provide maximum performance and an auto-tensioning drive belt on the next-generation HG4000 horizontal grinder automatically keeps the belt at optimum tension and eliminates manual drive belt adjustments.

Access to critical components allows for convenient maintenance on the HG4000. Its maintenance-friendly design features include large access shields, ladders, a drop-down platform to access the engine, mill access at the front or the top and remote grease zerks.

Next-generation grinder delivers

With enhancements to the feed system, technology features for quick adjustments and optimal performance, a Series III duplex drum and a proven CAT engine, the next-generation HG4000 is designed to maximize productivity. The horizontal grinder has been reimagined so you can do more.

For more information on specific features on the HG4000 horizontal grinder, contact your local Vermeer dealer.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications.

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When your waste becomes too much to handle, the HG4000 horizontal grinder is here. Built for aggressive performance and high capacity in a compact footprint, this machine has industry-leading features.

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