New SC1052 stump cutter delivers powerful all-day performance

For tree care professionals who have been searching for a commanding machine that can take down large stumps with ease and fit through tight jobsites that most stump cutters with this horsepower could not — your search is over.

The SC1052 stump cutter is the newest, most powerful machine in the Vermeer stump grinder lineup. While a large machine, the SC1052 can become compact when needed — allowing you to navigate through tight residential areas with ease. For tree care and landscape business owners, rental fleet managers or anyone in between — the SC1052 is ideal at quickly taking down multiple small or mid-sized stumps or efficiently tackling robust, challenging stumps.

All-day performance

The SC1052 is backed by a 115-hp (85.8-kW) Origin 4.3L gas engine and an 18-gal (68.5-L) fuel tank. The choice of a gas engine was to simplify refueling the stump grinder, and to adhere to diesel emission regulations in North America.

“The Vermeer SC1052 stump cutter is the next generation of large stump cutters,” said Josh Vrieze, senior product manager for Vermeer Environmental Equipment. “Diesel emission regulations impacted the production of 100+ horsepower (75+ kW) stump cutters, including our popular Vermeer SC1152 stump cutter unit. To fill this void in the market, our team designed a new economic gas engine model to meet the performance levels tree care professionals expect. The SC1052 complements many of our customers’ gas engine fleets, as they have started operating more gas-powered chippers and trucks in recent years.”

With cutting capabilities up to 31 in (78.4 cm) above grade and 25 in (63.5 cm) below the surface, operators can experience fewer interruptions due to repositioning while working. With a 72 in (182.9 cm) straight-line cutting width, the SC1052 tackles 6-ft (2-m) stumps with ease. The impressive cutting power behind the SC1052 makes it an ideal fit for operations that consistently remove bigger stumps or spend the majority of their time grinding stumps.

The cylinder and linkage bar design gives operators a wide cutting range and minimizes the need to reposition. The design helps to position the cutter wheel out and away from the machine as the boom drops. Repositioning the machine less means more time spent doing important work — removing stumps efficiently.

Cutting-edge innovations

The SC1052 is equipped with innovative technology and design components to help your crew be more productive while working.  

A notable feature on the SC1052 — and all new Vermeer stump cutter offerings — is the Vermeer cutting system (VCS). This feature was developed to address many challenges associated with traditional cutting systems. Instead of using a bolt to secure teeth to the cutter wheel, the VCS is equipped with a mounting and retention structure. This design helps to keep teeth from shifting in the pocket and absorb the shearing force while operating. Two-sided carbide V-profile teeth on the VCS not only helps to optimize overall cutting performance, but also helps extend the cutter wheel’s longevity due to maximized durability.

For operators looking for more productivity on the job, the SmartSweep™ control system can help reach daily grinding goals. The SmartSweep system provides constant feedback while monitoring the engine load — creating a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate.

No matter where the work is done, jobsite safety should be a top priority for operators and crew members. That’s why the operator presence system, equipped on all Vermeer stump cutters, is crucial for your crew. This feature of the control handle is intuitive — disengaging the cutter wheel and bringing it to a stop within seconds if the operator’s hands leave the control.

Navigating jobsites with ease

At just 35 in (89 cm) wide without dual wheels, the SC1052 smoothly navigates through a standard 36-in (91-cm) residential gate. The SC1052 is equipped with a four-wheel drive system and differential lock that enables smooth travel over uneven or challenging jobsite terrain.

An optional feature to maximize maneuverability on the jobsite is the wireless remote control — allowing operation of the stump grinder away from the operator’s station. Along with the enhanced visibility using a remote control can provide, it can also help the machine fit through tight gates or areas without the operator getting in the way.

Maintenance made simple

Engineered for efficiency, the SC1052 features access panels for hassle-free maintenance — no tools required. To make maintenance even more convenient, the machine is beltless, meaning operators no longer need to worry about replacing machine belts.

Adding Vermeer Telematics when purchasing a SC1052 is another way to better manage your fleet and monitor machine productivity and maintenance needs. Vermeer Telematics is an online tool that is designed to optimize machine and operator performance and will send notifications when planned maintenance or services intervals need to be performed. Being able to access maintenance schedules and completed services helps to keep your fleet in good, working condition and allows you to focus on the important work ahead.

The Vermeer SC1052 stump cutter is not just a new stump grinder — but a machine that can maximize efficiency, power and productivity on each jobsite you encounter. For more information on the SC1052 or other Vermeer tree care, rental and landscape equipment, contact your local dealer or visit

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications.

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Designed with the Vermeer cutting system (VCS), a 115-hp (85.8-kW) Origin gas engine for productive grinding and class-leading cutting dimensions, you can get the job done fast backed by the dealer support you’ve come to expect from Vermeer.

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