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Tools of the trade: pole pruner

For a tree care company that does not want to use a climber for basic pruning and tree trimming jobs, a pole pruner can be a good option; and if properly selected and used, can impact the efficiency and economics of the tree service business.

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How to stay busy in the off-season

A real-world education learned along the way

You will see some people in the tree care business using an axe to take out small stumps or tying the stumps to their pickup and ripping them out. They are not working efficiently. Paul Ginty has been a serious student of the economics and efficiencies of the tree care business for the dozen years he has operated Paul’s Tree Service. See his findings.

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SC252 stump cutter grinding a tree stump.

Brush chippers are going green

The green movement is becoming more apparent in the tree care industry as suppliers bring products to market that have been built with sustainability in mind.

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Tools of the trade: chain saws

With dozens of different chain saws available today, there are plenty of choices for the various groups of buyers — homeowners, landowners, professionals. Here’s how to find the right one for your application.

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Pro Forest Husqvarna