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Preseason maintenance tips for your tree care equipment

Preseason maintenance is vital to the performance of your tree care equipment. After sitting idle in storage during the winter months, it’s time to get your brush chippers, stump cutters, grinders, mini skid steers and other equipment geared up for the upcoming season.

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Introducing the Vermeer AX19 brush chipper

During the 2016 TCI Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, Vermeer revealed the AX19 heavy-duty brush chipper. The 19-inch (48.2 cm) AX19 features dual horizontal feed rollers and a new manual feed roller crushing system to help tree care contractors load and process large branches and logs with less chainsaw work.

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When is it time to replace your brush chipper?

The key to managing your fleet is to establish an equipment replacement plan that works for your business. The decision on when to replace equipment is based largely on the owner’s preference and maintenance practices. Some contractors choose to replace a machine based on the number of operating hours. Others work off more of a calendar approach and replace equipment in intervals like three, five and eight years.

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Vermeer BC1500XL wood chipper

Choosing the right size brush chipper for your fleet and why it matters

Effective fleet management often begins with choosing the right chipper for your business. If you buy a chipper that’s too large, you can end up overspending. Too small? You limit the jobs you can take on. When shopping for a brush chipper, you should consider the type and volume of material you will most often be processing as well as how frequently you will be using the machine.

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Vermeer BC1800XL brush chipper

Choosing the right size brush chipper

Whether contractors are purchasing a brush chipper to add a new service offering or just to upgrade their fleet, the investment deserves careful consideration. Here’s how to choose the right chipper for your operations.

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Vermeer BC1800XL Tier 4 Final brush chipper