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The five-step felling plan!

When felling trees, it is vital to have and use a felling plan. The five-step felling plan incorporates up-to-date cutting methods, is widely used by professional chainsaw operators worldwide and has recently been adopted into the ANSI Z-133.1 Standard for tree-care operations. Using the five-step felling plan will help you to achieve successful results consistently.

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Felling Plan

Anthracnose of plane tree

The term “anthracnose ” is used for a disease that affects a variety of shade trees. Learn how to identify and treat trees with the disease.

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Arborists treat shade trees from disease

Brush chippers are going green

The green movement is becoming more apparent in the tree care industry as suppliers bring products to market that have been built with sustainability in mind.

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Does your company need a safety plan?

Creating a safety plan does not mean that the job will take longer. Ken Palmer, president of ArborMaster, a Connecticut-based firm that specializes in training for the tree care industry, knows this for a fact.

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Tree care goes high tech

Jeremy Tibetts, owner of a tree care business, partnered with a UC Berkeley graphic designer to develop an innovative web-based tree care management tool.

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Forestry management plans can be developed by using technology in the tree care industry.

Entrepreneur becomes first in firewood

Baird has come a long way since the early days of Mike’s Tree Service. Through his use of reliable equipment and the support from the dealer and manufacturer, the Rhode Island professional has taken the necessary steps to creating one of the state’s leading tree care companies.

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Vermeer TG7000 Tub Grinder