Benefits of a pile driver

Pile drivers can be utilized in a variety of industries, but rest assured no matter the application, pile drivers can provide key benefits to the jobsite. What are these benefits? It starts with maximized precision with minimal time at each pile, and innovative features to make your time on the jobsite productive.

Why a pile driver?

If you find yourself needing to install piles in the ground, there is another way to get the job done. Using a mini skid steer with an auger attachment can also install a pile, but with less precision and efficiency than using a pile driver.

There are a couple of clear advantages pile drivers have when comparing a mini skid steer with an auger attachment. Vermeer pile drivers are engineered with specialty technology, such as GPS and auto plumb that helps create a straight line of plumb piles at the desired height and location. This is especially beneficial when hundreds of piles are being driven, and you are required to install them accurately and efficiently.

Another key difference: Mini skid steers are not equipped with technology that aid in machine movement on the jobsite. Vermeer pile driver models such as the PD5R and PD10R on the other hand, come standard with a wireless remote. The wireless remote controls not only control ground drive, but also hammer engagement and pile accuracy. Speaking of movement on the jobsite — pile drivers cause minimal ground disturbance, with the wide track pad size in the PD10 and compact footprint in the PD5.

Jobsite demands and operator preference will determine which option will be the best to use, but for consistent and accurate piles in the ground, look to a pile driver.

Buying vs. renting

If you are deciding between purchasing a pile driver or renting one, there are a few factors to consider:

  • How many piles are needed?
  • How quickly does it need done?
  • How often do you need to install piles?

Investing in a pile driver carries quite a few benefits, especially if you expect to install a significant number of piles regularly. Owning the machine allows you the flexibility to complete a job on your own terms, rather than waiting for a contractor or rental equipment to become available. For jobsites that have tight timelines, such as commercial solar projects, being able to work extra hours to complete the job on time is sometimes necessary. In those situations, owning the machine and getting as many piles as possible in the ground quickly is key. Eliminating the cost to rent a pile driver or hire a contractor is an added benefit, especially when those costs start to add up while completing long-term projects.

If you choose not to invest in a pile driver, you typically have two options to install piles: rent a machine or hire a contractor to do the installation. An issue operators may encounter if they need to rent a pile driver for a long-term project is finding machine availability. Because pile drivers are a highly sought-after piece of rental equipment, they are not always readily available. If you choose to use a contractor, early planning is essential as many contractors are booked out months or years in advance. If you need a small number of piles completed or can wait until rental equipment becomes available, then these options may work for you. If not, it may be time to invest in a pile driver.

Jobsite applications

As the renewable energy industry is expanding across the globe, the demand for solar farms is growing. For large-scale solar farms, hundreds or thousands of piles may be required. This means that doing the job right the first time is important, which is why Vermeer offers a range of pile drivers designed to meet the demands of commercial solar contractors and the expansive solar fields they install.

Building the infrastructure of a solar farm demands a substantial amount of planning and development. Pile drivers are beneficial on solar projects due to the large number of piles that need to be installed, oftentimes in a tight time frame, and the accurate placement necessary when installing solar equipment.

Pile driver use may not just be limited to the solar industry. Alternative applications for pile drivers could include commercial fencing, above ground pipeline and construction. Although these alternative applications are not as common, they could benefit by adding a pile drive to the fleet depending on the jobsite demands.

Whether you are installing piles to be used on a solar farm or for another industry, consider adding a pile driver to your fleet of equipment. When using a pile driver on the jobsite, you can expect precision and efficiency.

For more information on Vermeer pile drivers, contact your local dealer.

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