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HDD training can help address labor issues

With the high demand of horizontal directional drilling projects, it can be a challenge to find skilled operators. That’s why more HDD contractors are enlisting HDD experts to help train their teams through a combination of online, classroom and simulator tools. Learn how Vermeer HDD training opportunities can maximize the efficiency of your drill operators.

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Consider future work when buying a maxi rig

Before purchasing a maxi rig for your HDD company, it’s important to first assess the benefits and risks. Determining the appropriate size machine, the type of work and where it will be performed, and how onboard technology can help your crew work more efficiently can help to future-proof your investment. Learn about these considerations and more if you’re interested in diversifying your fleet.

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Ritter company chose more underground expertise

Investing in the latest equipment technology and providing extensive employee training — plus decades of industry experience — is how Ritter Company delivers top-notch service to their customers. To meet their customers high expectations, they rely on Vermeer equipment to get the job done, and their Vermeer dealership to provide support when they need it. See how Ritter Company leads the way in utility installation and successfully grows their business with advanced machine technology and a trusted dealer partnership.

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