How the TR6450 trommel screen adjusts to your operation

If your operation produces several different end products, such as mulch, compost, biomass feedstock or soil, then you know the benefits of being able to adjust your machine. You need a machine that can quickly change setups to produce a variety of end products. The Vermeer TR6450 trommel screen was designed to be reconfigured to your needs and what your desired end product may be. Specifically, the TR6450 allows you to switch screen panels quickly, separate three different end-product sizes in one pass and adjust machine settings to adapt to material condition changes from the remote control. Let’s dive further into each one.

Utilize the quick-change screens

Your incoming material changes throughout the year, and so does the end-product size that your customers may want. For example, some end users may be looking for 3/8-in (9.55-mm) compost, but someone else wants 1-in (2.5-cm) compost. Vermeer trommel screens can be equipped with our tension screen design where the screens are clamped on per section and are convenient to remove, so you can customize how you want. Instead of changing out the entire drum, you only have to switch the screen panels. Find the right combination for your specific needs.

Screen changes can also help improve jobsite efficiency, a particularly important feature when processing a range of materials that requires frequent screen changes. The design also creates a smooth exterior on the drum, minimizing the amount of brush wear.

Separate three different end-product sizes at once

The TR6450, unlike most trommel screens, has a three-product option. This feature is unique to the Vermeer trommel screen lineup and the industry, and it can help you work even more efficiently.

How? Think of it this way: Instead of having to run your material through multiple machines, or switch out the drums or screen types just to get different end-product sizes, a third product option allows you to produce multiple end products in one pass. This can help save you time and energy in the long run.

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to serve more than one market or end user. You may want to create fine compost for residential or nursery applications or create a bulkier compost product for agriculture applications.

“Mulch is another great example, especially coloring mulch,” said Jay Van Roekel, Vermeer product manager. “If you have too many fines, it absorbs a lot of water and coloring dye, which is very expensive. You could run that product through a three-product trommel screen, remove the fines, focus in on coloring your midsize product and get the overs out so you can reprocess those.”

This three-product option is a one-pass, multiple-product solution and gives you flexibility on the end-product sizes to meet multiple needs in the market.

 You can run the machine in the traditional two-way split configuration, too. There’s also flexibility to have the fines material exit the machine on the left or right side, whichever option makes the most sense for the jobsite.

Adjust machine settings from a remote control

Another thing you can adjust on the TR6450 is the different machine settings, such as the hopper belt speed, drum speed, conveyor speed and height. And the best part is you can make all of those adjustments from the full-function remote control. You can also preload your desired settings with the remote. Next time you’re ready to operate, just push the auto-start button and it will remember those settings. You can take the remote with you into the loader and adjust the machine settings from there. It’s designed for convenience and ease of use to help keep your operation running efficiently.

The TR6450 trommel screen can adjust to your needs. With quick screen panel changeout, a third-product conveyor and a full-function remote control, you can stay versatile and working efficiently to meet market demands.

“We have spent several years listening to our customers about the challenges they face and what it is they really want in a trommel screen, and I think what we have here hits pretty close,” said Ted Dirkx, Vermeer recycling and forestry sales manager.

For more information about the TR6450, contact your local dealer today.

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