The benefits of four-season use with a compact articulated loader

When winter comes, what do you and your business do? Depending on the climate you’re in, the winter might not affect your operation too much. But in northern climates, winter can limit or change your services. One way to help keep your operation running all year long is to add a Vermeer compact articulated loader to your fleet of machines. Here are some of the benefits it can provide.

Enclosed cab

One of the features that sets compact articulated loaders apart from other machines, like skid steers, is the ability to have full-cab enclosure. It comes with removable glass panels for all sides of the cab, so you have the option to take them off in the summer months to allow air flow.

Speaking of air, the enclosed cab on compact articulated loaders can come with an air conditioning and heating system. Each comes with ways to adjust the airflow and temperature to keep you comfortable. With the heating option specifically, an operator can be comfortable in the cab whether it’s 10 degrees or 90 degrees outside. This can help keep you going all year long and stay comfortable in the various weather conditions.

An enclosed cab also helps keep operators out of mud and dirt on a large jobsite. Since they can run the machine while staying out of the elements, an ATX can provide an optimal operating experience.

If you don’t want to be fully enclosed, you can add a plexiglass back window, right-side window or a plexiglass windscreen. Choose the option that works best for your needs.

Practical uses

For businesses that operate in colder climates, this option can be especially appealing and open up some additional growth avenues.

“Our compact articulated loaders have been used for snow removal in several areas,” explained Kyle Newendorp, Vermeer environmental product specialist. “These machines can get on sidewalks, pavements and streets, allowing them to plow snow in residential and commercial spaces.”

Another potential use for an ATX with an enclosed cab is in place of a rental machine.

“Some businesses will rent machines for snow removal in the winter,” said Newendorp. “Using an ATX lets operators put on a variety of authorized attachments, so instead of having to rent another machine, they can use the ATX year round.”

Operator station separate from engine area

On an ATX, the operator station is a separate part of the articulation from where the engine is. That means engine heat isn’t transferred to the operator as quickly.

“By having the operator station not connected to the engine, they’re not seated directly where there will be engine heat or a cooling package,” explained Newendorp. “It was designed to be an independent cab from the engine and other systems.”

This leads to operator comfort in all conditions and seasons, allowing businesses to get maximum productivity and use out of their machines.

When the weather gets cold, there’s always the chance that it may take longer for your engine to start. That’s where the engine block heater on an ATX can be helpful, which is designed to make machine startup efficient in colder weather.

Overall, a compact articulated loader can be a valuable add to your fleet to help keep your crews running in various types of weather conditions. For more information about our compact articulated loader lineup, contact your local Vermeer dealer today.

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