SC48TX stump cutter tackles tough jobs in tight spaces

The SC48TX stump cutter is the newest addition to the Vermeer stump cutter lineup. For landscape professionals or rental equipment providers, the SC48TX could be the ideal addition to your fleet. Don’t let the size of this machine fool you — while having a narrow footprint to maneuver in tight jobsites, it has robust cutting capabilities to take down large stumps with ease.

The SC48TX is powered by a 48 hp (35.8 kW) 1.7 L Cat diesel engine, compliant with Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions regulations. It can efficiently cut stumps up to 28 in (71.1 cm) above grade and 16 in (40.6 cm) below the surface, all with a straight-line cutting dimension of 65 in (165.1 cm). 

If you’re wondering why the SC48TX is outfitted with a diesel engine, the answer is simple: to give customers a compact machine with high torque. Josh Vrieze, senior product manager for Vermeer Environmental Equipment explained, “Companies operating this size of stump-cutting equipment previously were limited to mainly gas-powered options. They expressed interest in a diesel engine choice because the high torque produced will help them work efficiently when cutting below grade.”

What sets the SC48TX apart? 

Enhanced machine components

One of the standout features of the SC48TX is low-disturbance tracks. These tracks provide optimal traction on soft, steep or rocky terrain while maintaining low ground pressure and improved stability, requiring minimal job prep before and cleanup afterward.

Even better, these retractable tracks transform the machine to just 35 in (88.9 cm) for navigating narrow jobsites and standard 36-in (91-cm) gates. “The SC48TX stump cutter is agile enough for tree care and landscape professionals to get through most gates while the tracks allow for increased flotation,” said Vrieze. Once through the gate, the tracks can be extended to 49 in (124.5 cm) for maximum stability. 

Innovative technology

High productivity is key on tree care and landscaping jobsites — that’s why the SC48TX is outfitted with the exclusive SmartSweep™ control system. This innovative system provides continuous feedback while monitoring the engine load, resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate.

The Vermeer cutting system (VCS), standard on most Vermeer stump cutter models, solves many challenges associated with traditional cutting systems. Instead of using a bolt to carry most of the load from the cutter tooth, the VCS has a mounting and retention structure that helps prevent teeth from shifting in the pocket and absorbs shearing force during operation. Plus, the two-sided carbide V-profile cutter teeth optimize cutting performance and can be flipped to the other side of the cutter wheel to extend their wear life. 

The SC48TX boasts a direct-drive system that transfers maximum power to the cutter wheel through a pair of gearboxes. Like other Vermeer stump cutters, the SC48TX is beltless, eliminating the tedious task of replacing belts. When increasing the speed of the cutter drive system, a bump-start clutch helps to ensure smooth power transfer — yet another feature that promotes seamless and efficient machine operation.

On every jobsite your crew encounters, a top priority should be to work safely. That’s why Vermeer stump cutters are equipped with the operator presence system. This feature of the control handle is intuitive — disengaging the cutter wheel and bringing it to a stop within seconds if the operator’s hands leave the control.

Versatile options  

Enhanced visibility and maneuverability can be a game changer on tight jobsites. An optional full-function remote control allows operation of the stump cutter without being at the operator’s station, which can maximize visibility. Another perk a remote control provides is that it can help navigate tight gate entries more conveniently.

To make this machine an ideal fit for residential or commercial landscapers, an optional backfill blade makes the post-grind clean up more convenient than ever — reducing time, labor, and additional equipment needed to repair turf at the completion of the job. “It saves either manual work or having to bring another piece of equipment to do the work. The backfill blade makes this machine very versatile,” said Vrieze.

Protect your investment

Performing routine maintenance is necessary to extend the life of your machine, but there are additional ways to protect the investment you made when adding a new machine to your fleet. Having a proactive and robust maintenance plan is key to maximize the life of your machine — and you can do that with the Vermeer Confidence Plus® asset protection program. This program lets you pay upfront for covered maintenance expenses and can be added to your initial purchase finance package or lease, or anytime within the standard one-year warranty period. The Vermeer Confidence Plus program is beneficial for all Vermeer machines, but especially those that tear through wood and may experience wear quicker than most.

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your tree care, rental and landscaping operations but haven’t found a machine that fits your needs, the new SC48TX could be the answer you’re looking for. The combination of a compact size, high torque, versatile options and innovative technology can equip you to tackle tough jobs in tight spaces like never before. Contact your local Vermeer dealer or visit for more information.

Vermeer Corporation reserves the right to make changes in product engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing or distribution at any time without notice or obligation. Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components specific to their global region. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications.

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