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Investing in worker training enhances safety and efficiency

During the 2015 TCI Expo, Vermeer interviewed more than a dozen tree care business owners and asked them about the biggest challenges facing their businesses. Most responded with “finding qualified workers” or “low profit margins.” Investing in training for new and current employees can help tree care business owners overcome both of these obstacles.

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Investing in training for tree care business crews

Dress like an onion!

As cold weather approaches, people often ask, “How should my crews dress?” The simplest answer is dress like an onion and think in terms of layers; an onion has many layers and so should anyone working outdoors in cold temperatures.

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Tree care workers should wear layers

Choosing the right size brush chipper

Whether contractors are purchasing a brush chipper to add a new service offering or just to upgrade their fleet, the investment deserves careful consideration. Here’s how to choose the right chipper for your operations.

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Vermeer BC1800XL Tier 4 Final brush chipper

When to retire your climbing line

A rope’s functional life depends on how you use it, how well you take care of it and how you store it. We worked with the experts at SherrillTree to provide some guidelines to help you make an educated decision about when it’s time to replace your climbing line.

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