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Europe tree industry trends

Diverse is probably the best word you can use to describe the European tree care industry. No matter where you travel in Europe, each country has a different approach to tree care. However, one common trend is making its way throughout Europe is known as urban forestry — where more attention is given to maintain all the trees in an environment rather than focusing on individual trees.

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Europe Tree Industry Trends

Tree care trends you need to know

The U.S. tree care industry entered 2016 on strong footing. Read to learn more about tree care trends from the rise of technology to continuing challenges in finding qualified labor.

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Tree care trends you need to know

Tree service owner went from making brush chippers to buying them

Brent Rolffs has a unique view when it comes to tree care equipment. He worked for several years in Vermeer manufacturing facilities at the company’s headquarters in Pella, Iowa. So it was an easy decision on what equipment to run when he and his wife, Brenda, bought Pella Tree Service in 2007.

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From Those Who Know: Pella Tree Service

VIDEO: From Those Who Know with Kramer Tree Specialists

“We are running anywhere between 25 and 35 people out of one building. One thing that we’ve learned throughout the years is organization,” says Todd Kramer of Kramer Tree Specialists. Hear more from Kramer on how this Chicagoland tree care company stays organized as part of the Vermeer From Those Who Know series.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: Kramer Tree Specialists

Dress like an onion!

As cold weather approaches, people often ask, “How should my crews dress?” The simplest answer is dress like an onion and think in terms of layers; an onion has many layers and so should anyone working outdoors in cold temperatures.

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Tree care workers should wear layers