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He likes being his own boss but values hard work, good equipment

Pat Stumpf is the owner of Woodland Tree Service, which does tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding in the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. Most of the year, Stumpf employs four or five people and operates one crew. He’s often on the jobsite himself in addition to his duties drumming up business and bidding jobs.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: Woodland Tree Service

From Those Who Know: McAllister Tree Service

Don McAllister will tell you how Vermeer brush chippers and mini skid steers are helping the crews at McAllister Tree Service make a positive impact in northeast Georgia. Watch his story as part of the Vermeer From Those Who Know series.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know series

5 reasons you should cross-train your tree care crews

An employee is standing around on a jobsite. Maybe he’s waiting for material to run through a brush chipper while the other crew members are taking down another tree. Meanwhile, the stump from the first removal is ready for grinding. One potential solution for this problem is to cross-train employees.

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Vermeer BC1500 wood chipper

Tips for when you’re considering used equipment

While we’re all tempted by a new, shiny object, the truth is, sometimes buying a pre-owned vehicle is the smart choice. Maybe it’s better for our budget. Or the older model is actually better suited for our needs. Whatever the reason, buying new is not always better. Read three reasons why you should consider used equipment for your tree care business.

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Tips for considering used tree care equipment

When is it time to replace your brush chipper?

The key to managing your fleet is to establish an equipment replacement plan that works for your business. The decision on when to replace equipment is based largely on the owner’s preference and maintenance practices. Some contractors choose to replace a machine based on the number of operating hours. Others work off more of a calendar approach and replace equipment in intervals like three, five and eight years.

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Vermeer BC1500XL wood chipper

Choosing the right size brush chipper for your fleet and why it matters

Effective fleet management often begins with choosing the right chipper for your business. If you buy a chipper that’s too large, you can end up overspending. Too small? You limit the jobs you can take on. When shopping for a brush chipper, you should consider the type and volume of material you will most often be processing as well as how frequently you will be using the machine.

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Vermeer BC1800XL brush chipper