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VIDEO: From Those Who Know with South Lake Tree Service

“We probably do more per day now than we did just five years ago. Once we got a hold of all the Vermeer equipment, we definitely stepped up our game,” says Tony Oxford of South Lake Tree Service. Watch the video to hear more from Tony as part of the Vermeer From Those Who Know series.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: South Lake Tree Service

5 tips to explain why the low bid isn’t always the best bid

When it comes to bidding jobs, many tree care contractors want to be like Goldilocks. They hope their estimates are not too big and not too small, but just right. Here are five tips on how to explain to potential customers that the low bid is not always the best bid.

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Tree care service quote

4 tips to building a referral program

There are several ways to grow your business. However, sometimes your best marketing tools are your existing customers in the form of a customer referral or loyalty program.

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Building a customer referral program

Avoid plateaus and grow your business

The inability to grow your business as you’d like may be a sign of trouble. But don’t think it happens only to struggling companies. In fact, consultant Craig Damos says much of his work is with successful businesses that have plateaued.

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Vermeer SC60TX stump grinder

Choosing the right size brush chipper

Whether contractors are purchasing a brush chipper to add a new service offering or just to upgrade their fleet, the investment deserves careful consideration. Here’s how to choose the right chipper for your operations.

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Vermeer BC1800XL Tier 4 Final brush chipper