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Liability — Finding the Proper Tree Care Insurance

Insurance coverage is a necessary part of business overhead, especially in the tree care industry. All tree care businesses should be covered with general liability, commercial automobile, workers’ compensation, inland marine, umbrella and property policies.

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Spring training for your tree care crew

The owner or employer is ultimately responsible for providing the education and training their team needs to be safe, productive and successful. The employer has a vested interest in giving employees an opportunity to learn and develop new skills, because it leads to a safe and productive work environment. And what owner doesn’t want that?

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From stump chump to champ: 6 reasons to love stump cutters

Stump removal was once a backbreaking, time-consuming job that a tree man wouldn’t delegate to his worst enemy. That all changed in the 1950s when Vermeer invented the stump grinder. Today, stumps are simply swept away, one pass after another. And yet, some crews still operate without one.
Matt Hutchinson, Vermeer Product Manager for Tree Care/Rental and Landscape, offers six compelling reasons to add a stump cutter to your fleet of tree care equipment.

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Preseason maintenance tips for your tree care equipment

Preseason maintenance is vital to the performance of your tree care equipment. After sitting idle in storage during the winter months, it’s time to get your brush chippers, stump cutters, grinders, mini skid steers and other equipment geared up for the upcoming season.

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Veterans of tree care

Today, tree care is big business in America. But how did it come to fruition? And how has the landscape of the industry changed in recent years?

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The art of closing the deal

The art of closing a deal is a delicate dance. Be too passive or too aggressive and you might just blow the deal. So, what can your tree service or landscaping business do to hit just the right notes with customers and close deals with consistency?

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This tree care contractor’s secret to success? Thinking bigger.

Garrett Jensen founded Frontenac Forestry about a dozen years ago in the St. Louis metro area and focused on tree trimmings and small removals at first. Now, with the company receiving his full attention and the addition of Andy Haskenhoff as co-owner, Frontenac Forestry is a thriving tree care company with services that largely consist of land clearing for new residential developments.

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FROM THOSE WHO KNOW: Terry Tree Service

A rich history prepared Terry Tree Service, as it stands today, to respond to challenges and adapt to uncertain circumstances, which has served the company well. Starting with just nine employees in 1995, the company’s workforce has swelled to over 220 employees in 2016. Terry and Pope attribute much of that growth to the same reason Terry Sr. formed his company back in 1936 — storms.

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How to keep your tree care business busy in the off-season

Many countries experience winter to some degree. As a tree care business owner, that means you probably have an off-season. Instead of slowing or shutting down during this time, there are several opportunities to develop new revenue streams to help keep your business busy.

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