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The most important “bid” you’ll ever write

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t show up on a customer’s doorstep and ask to start a job. You’d plan for it; you’d present why your company is the best company for the job. You’d have information on pricing, insurance and timing. You’d create a bid. The same thing goes for your business. Upfront planning and preparation is going to set you up for success in your business just as it would when it comes to a job.

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The most important bid you'll ever write

Here are pests besides the emerald ash borer that are harming trees

Back in August we asked our Facebook community of tree care professionals what pests have been causing them trouble. We received several dozen responses naming many different bugs and diseases in North America. So here’s information about some of the other pests and diseases you told us about.

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Invasive pests harming trees besides the emerald ash borer

From Those Who Know: Treeway Tree Care

The job’s not done until Erik Zupko is satisfied. His three-man team works hard — and smart — to make sure each customer is happy. Using the family of Vermeer tree care equipment has helped make his crew more efficient. Zupko shares his story as part of the Vermeer From Those Who Know series.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: Treeway Tree Care

Help wanted: As the emerald ash borer spreads, cities seek contractors

Want an indication of how significant and widespread the damage caused by the emerald ash borer is? Many municipalities are responding by developing multiyear plans and spending millions of dollars to remove infested and even healthy ash trees, treating trees or a combination of those approaches.

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Emerald Ash Borer

From Those Who Know: Premier Tree Service

Premier Tree Service, Inc. is frequently tasked with large takedowns. Dennis Herold’s crew needs equipment that can keep up with the high volume of wood debris. He says with a reliable crew and reliable equipment, the tree care business is a good living.

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Vermeer From Those Who Know: Premier Tree Service