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Get ready to hit the ground running in the offseason

There are only so many tree care jobs available – and possible – during the frigid winter months, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. It’s an important time to plan ahead, prepare for the coming “busy season” and take steps to improve and advance your business, be it through management, personnel or machinery and equipment.

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Staying busy in the offseason: Tips to market your business

The president and CEO of Almstead Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care in New Rochelle, New York, doesn’t plan on the cold winter months to slow down one bit. In fact, he leads his business to start planning as early as August for the coming winter with the goal of having enough of a backlog of work to ensure consistent revenue year-round.

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Winterizing your tree care business

The temperatures sinking well below zero in parts of the U.S. are a good reminder of the importance of winterizing your tree care business. It’s a process that starts with machinery and equipment, but also extends to how you manage your business to maximize the work you can do in what’s historically the “slow” time of year in the tree care industry.

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A role redefined: Meet Jennifer Chambless, ISA Certified Arborist®

It’s true — the tree care industry has historically employed more men than women, but those statistics haven’t stopped Arbor Tech, LLC employee Jennifer Chambless from anything. In fact, Chambless, who recently passed her ISA Certified Arborist® exam, is encouraging men and women alike to ignore gender stereotypes to achieve their goals.

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Renting vs. buying — what makes sense for your business?

Sometimes you just need a few reasons to justify your actions — especially when it comes to renting versus buying tree servicing equipment. The initial cost is a major factor in the decision process, but it’s not the only one. Here are a few things you should bear in mind before deciding when to buy and when to rent.

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Operating a smaller rental business

Operating an equipment rental company in a coastal area like his presents unique challenges larger businesses don’t face. Working with Vermeer Mid Atlantic for both sales and service has helped him overcome some of those challenges posed by both his location and the nature and types of equipment he carries for his rental customers.

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All-in with Vermeer: Bartlett Tree Experts Company

A chance meeting in an airport customs line a few years back was the beginning of a working relationship between Vermeer and one of the world’s largest tree care companies that now operates a complete fleet of Vermeer brush chippers and whole tree chippers (if applicable) mini skid steers and stump grinders in one of its key geographies.

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Four training trends for 2018 and beyond

Ensuring every member of a tree care team returns home at the end of a hard day’s work is priority number one on every jobsite. And, it’s Ken Palmer’s job to help employers make sure crew members do what is necessary to make that happen. Read to learn what educational priorities in the tree care industry include going into 2018.

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The unsung tree heroes of 3 Alarm Tree Rescue

Around three years ago, Hancock and friend Nate Boyd were working full time as firefighters. With years of tree care experience under his belt and a strong desire to start his own business, Hancock convinced Boyd they should start a tree care business together.

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Be prepared — create a disaster recovery plan

Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, flooding — the list goes on. Depending on your location and climate, a disaster recovery plan is something that you may need to consider for your tree care business and for your customers. After all, being prepared will help keep your business operational so you can in turn help those who need it.

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