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FROM THOSE WHO KNOW: Terry Tree Service

A rich history prepared Terry Tree Service, as it stands today, to respond to challenges and adapt to uncertain circumstances, which has served the company well. Starting with just nine employees in 1995, the company’s workforce has swelled to over 220 employees in 2016. Terry and Pope attribute much of that growth to the same reason Terry Sr. formed his company back in 1936 — storms.

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How to keep your tree care business busy in the off-season

Many countries experience winter to some degree. As a tree care business owner, that means you probably have an off-season. Instead of slowing or shutting down during this time, there are several opportunities to develop new revenue streams to help keep your business busy.

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Introducing the Vermeer AX19 brush chipper

During the 2016 TCI Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, Vermeer revealed the AX19 heavy-duty brush chipper. The 19-inch (48.2 cm) AX19 features dual horizontal feed rollers and a new manual feed roller crushing system to help tree care contractors load and process large branches and logs with less chainsaw work.

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5 things you don’t want to miss at TCI Expo

An arborist at TCI Expo is a lot like a kid in a candy store. There’s so much to see and do — but it’s easy to get distracted by all the shiny new equipment. Never fear, we did the legwork and compiled a list of 5 things for your crew to do at TCI Expo.

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The most important “bid” you’ll ever write

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t show up on a customer’s doorstep and ask to start a job. You’d plan for it; you’d present why your company is the best company for the job. You’d have information on pricing, insurance and timing. You’d create a bid. The same thing goes for your business. Upfront planning and preparation is going to set you up for success in your business just as it would when it comes to a job.

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The most important bid you'll ever write