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Choosing your ideal stump cutter

Looking to add a stump cutter in your fleet? There are many factors to consider — like cutter wheel size, business functions and jobsite surroundings. Take a deep dive into these considerations and see how the newest models in the Vermeer lineup — the SC48TX and SC1052 — could be the next addition to your fleet.

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Bottom feed stop bar vs. last chance cables

Keeping safety a priority on a tree care jobsite is more important than ever. Learn about a key safety feature on all Vermeer brush chippers, and what sets it apart from competitor models.

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Mini skid steer preventative maintenance checklist

Keeping up with the maintenance can seem overwhelming, but knowing what upkeep to do when can help it be manageable over the long run. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, here’s a mini skid steer maintenance checklist to help keep you on track and on schedule.

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