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Versatile drilling power in a compact form

AHUS had to collaborate closely with a lineup of utility companies to design, plan and program the rerouting of telecoms, water, gas and power grids using the HDD technique. On the project, the newest horizontal directional drill by Vermeer really came into its own.

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Pros and cons of dry and liquid mud mixing

When you break it down, there are two main mud categories: liquid and dry. Which one should you choose? Both have pros and cons, making them each helpful for some drill sites and less helpful for others. Let’s dive deeper into they are.

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How to choose the right pile driver guide

To install the right kind of piles, you need the right kind of guide. What kind of guide you need depends on the piles you’re installing. So, it’s important to choose a guide that will fit the job.

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How to locate underground utilities

Knowing where utilities are located on the jobsite is integral to a job well done. But to do that, you have to know how to operate your utility locator to stay efficient and correctly assess where utility lines are on the jobsite.

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