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Rent, lease or buy: which is right for you?

Having the right equipment makes a difference in managing a successful, productive horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobsite. How you secure and retain that equipment itself — from tooling to the largest HDD machines — can be key to completing a job.

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Preventing utility strikes is everyone’s responsibility

With the demand for faster data speeds increasing, more utility lines going from overhead to underground has led to a lot of underground congestion, weaving new lines through crowded utility right-of-ways. Because of this, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crews need to spend just as much time planning as they do drilling to prevent utility strikes.

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Making sense of vacuum excavator specs

When it’s time for you to add a new vacuum excavator to your fleet, you’ll likely spend time reviewing equipment specifications to determine the right machine for your needs. Learn how to make sense of the different machine specifications to help you make the right choice.

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Miller Pipeline helps customers plan for the future

Miller Pipeline has been at the forefront of building and maintaining America’s infrastructure, and with the help of Vermeer productivity tools, they have been able to keep up with the demand and growth of the industry.

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Mud matters: using drilling fluids

Drilling fluid or mud is a crucial ingredient to maximize an HDD crew’s efficiency and should be used whenever possible. Read this overview of a few of the issues you may encounter without using mud.

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