What sets the plastic shielding on Vermeer compact articulated loaders apart

When buying a new piece of equipment for your operation, one of the key things it needs to be is durable. Jobsite conditions can vary, so you need a machine that can withstand tough weather and the occasional, accidental damage. It has to be strong to survive.

One way that Vermeer machines show durability and toughness is with the ABS plastic shielding on the compact articulated loader lineup. It stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is a type of chemical compound polymer. ABS plastics are designed for impact, so instead of breaking, they are able to be dented and then pushed back out to its original shape.

This is a unique kind of shielding on compact articulated loaders. Other companies use different material, like steel or other kinds of plastic. To better explain the benefit of ABS plastic shielding, let’s talk through the other materials used and what makes ABS plastic different.

Other materials used

Some companies use materials like steel or plastic to form the shielding around their machines. There are pros and cons to each one.

“Steel tends to be more durable to hits and punctures from either tree debris or concrete,” said Kyle Newendorp, Vermeer environmental product specialist. “But an all-steel frame makes the machine a lot heavier.”

In addition to being heavier, steel shielding is also usually more expensive to replace than plastic.

Other kinds of plastic are also common on compact articulated loaders. “Most of the time, it’s a kind of plexiglass,” explained Newendorp. “The problem is if it gets hit or damaged, the entire plastic cracks. It’ll spiderweb out and it can be messy and expensive to clean and replace.”

Another option is a harder kind of plastic that’s heavy duty, but usually this is an additional fee to put on.

Benefits of ABS plastic shielding

Now let’s talk about the benefits of ABS plastic shielding. As mentioned before, ABS plastic is designed for impact, so it will bend and not break.

“For example, if the shielding gets damaged and dented, it will flex back out and retain its shape,” said Newendorp. “Or if the plastic shield gets punctured somehow, it only creates a hole instead of breaking the entire shield.”

On Vermeer compact articulated loaders, the ABS plastic shielding is everywhere that’s yellow, which includes the body of the machine and the cab area. It acts as a protectant to the steel area of the machine underneath.

“Using ABS plastic shielding reduced the overall weight of the machine, which allows it to be transported on most regular-sized trailers,” explained Newendorp. “It also helps minimize turf disturbance while operating it on a jobsite.”

ABS plastic shielding is standard on every Vermeer compact articulated loader as a promise to produce quality and tough machines that are equipped to get the job done well. This unique approach to helping protect the machine and not weighing it down helps operators stay efficient.

For more information on ABS plastic shielding and Vermeer compact articulated loaders, contact your local dealer today.

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