How the AX17 brush chipper can tackle challenges on the jobsite

Vermeer has been the industry leader when it comes to brush chippers and the Vermeer AX17 is no exception. For tree care contractors that want to do high-production arborist work, consider the AX17. This machine features a robust yet light-weight design that can handle tough jobsites by using innovative technology and, at the end of the day, providing convenient features for machine maintenance.

Light-weight machine

A key benefit to the AX17 is the weight of the machine. Fully configured, including all available options, it weighs less than 10,000 lb (4,536 kg). Hiring labor can be a challenge right now and requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to run equipment on the jobsite can be an extra roadblock at times. This light-weight machine can give tree care contractors more flexibility with hiring labor and eliminate the need for a CDL.

Innovative technology

SmartCrush and SmartFeed

The AX17 has an intelligent feed system featuring both SmartCrush and SmartFeed technologies. SmartCrush monitors position and down pressure of the infeed roller to help feed branchy tops and difficult materials. SmartFeed is a patented feed-sensing control system that monitors engine rpm, and automatically stops or reverses the feed rollers when feeding larger material. Both systems working together provides over 6,500 lb (2,948 kg) of pull-in power to reduce the need for operator interaction when feeding difficult debris.

Rotating winch boom

Using a winch on the jobsite to pull materials into the chipper can save time and labor for the crew, but if on a jobsite where a loader or crane is being used, the winch can sometimes get in the way. For businesses that utilize both the winch and other support equipment to load materials, the rotating winch boom on the AX17 allows for versatility to tackle the job ahead.

The patented flip-up winch boom design on the AX17 makes feeding the chipper efficient, as operators can pull a lever to quickly raise the winch up and out of the way. “What that translates to in the real world is needing less people standing next to the brush chipper, physically manipulating the wood,” said Vermeer sales manager, Trevor Koolmees. With less labor needed at the infeed table of the chipper, crew members can be utilized at other areas of the jobsite to maximize productivity.

These technologies are further addressing the labor challenges that tree care contractors face. Owner of AKA Tree Service, Jeremiah Wilson, is familiar with these challenges and values jobsite efficiency. “It changes our business,” said Wilson. “When you can do the same amount of revenue with less guys.”

Display screen

The AX17 has improved technology over previous models with the addition of the MPC-12 display screen and CAN bus keypad switches. The AX17 is the first brush chipper from Vermeer to include this feature. The MPC-12 combines multiple gauges, machine functions and live data onto one interactive screen at the operator station. This design allows for intuitive operation, more information for diagnostics, and simplified control electronics over previous designs.

Remote control option

For tree care contractors who want to optimize jobsite efficiency even further, there is an optional remote control feature offered on the AX17. The full-function remote allows machine operation for features such as SmartCrush and chute rotation from a loader or mini skid steer, to maximize productivity and minimize crew size.

Convenient maintenance

When it is time to clean your brush chipper, say goodbye to crawling underneath the machine, loosening bolts and removing plates. The AX17 is equipped with a side lever that provides operators with a convenient way to open and close the cleanout door. Needing less time and labor to perform this regular maintenance, crews can maximize efficiency at the jobsite. “On any chipper I’ve ran, you almost have to have a man on each side to pull both pins out, and have two men to lift it up,” said Oliver Height, AKA Tree Service foreman. With just the push of a lever, operators can quickly open the cleanout door, remove debris and move on to the next jobsite.

The Vermeer AX17 brush chipper can help you tackle tough jobs with its powerful crushing capabilities and impressive features that can optimize usability and maintenance of the machine. For more resources on the AX17 or other Vermeer tree care equipment, contact your local dealer.

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