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How to set up the shaker deck of your Vermeer R600T mud recycling system

The demand for horizontal directional drilling projects is growing every year. But if you’re not reclaiming fluids, you may be seriously impacting jobsite productivity and your ability to compete effectively. Learn how to properly set up the shaker deck on the Vermeer R600T reclaimer for efficient directional drilling.

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How to build your HDD drill string with Vermeer RigFitter

Building the right HDD drill string for your rig, ground conditions and cutting size will help your bore be successful, and Vermeer RigFitter can help you do it. Read on to learn more about Vermeer RigFitter, including what it does and how you can use it to build your HDD drill string.

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The four main Vermeer HDD tooling systems and the differences between them

At Vermeer, there are four main tooling families to choose from: Armor, Ultra, Quickfire® connection system and Quickfire HD system. Each one has a unique purpose to help you drill in challenging ground conditions and picking the right one depends on your jobsite and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of each tooling system to help you choose.

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