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Spec’ing a vacuum excavator

Selecting the right vacuum excavator for your business With all of the different makes and models of vacuum excavators on the market today, choosing the right one isn’t necessarily an easy...

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Plan for success, then work the plan

Many horizontal directional drilling contractors have that one success story that brings a smile to their face just thinking about it. For the owner of Pinnacle Construction & Directional Boring, Inc., in Charleston, South Carolina, that story happened on the day his team completed a 285-foot (86.9 m) bore under the entrance roadways at the Charleston International Airport.

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Making sense of HDD drilling fluids

Drilling fluids are the secret sauce on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobs. Drilling fluids can also be one of the most misunderstood aspects of drilling operations. Take some of the mystery out of drilling fluids.

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