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Vermeer HDD Circuit training program gets results

The Vermeer HDD Circuit® training program is designed to help HDD companies develop their employees’ operating expertise quickly. Read on to learn more about this two-week program that features a 2:1 student to instructor ratio.

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Drilling in the city

Read more about horizontal drilling contractor Lusalco S.A. and how his crews successfully drill in large cities throughout Latin America.

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All the ways to dig a trench

According to Jon Kuyers, senior global product manager at Vermeer, each trenching attachment is purpose-built to maximize contractors’ productivity based on ground conditions, trench depth and width, as well as what utility or product being installed in the ground. Read more about what attachment will best suit your jobsite.

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Crossing under the Rio Grande

In Webb County, Texas, near Laredo, a nine-person directional drilling crew with PUMPCO, Inc. have successfully crossed under the Rio Grande into Mexico for the 17-mile-long Impulsora Pipeline.

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Planning tools for the future

Creating detailed documentation for every installation can be time consuming and a burden, even though it is necessary for a successful job. Read about how Vermeer Projects Suite can help with this process and how it can save you time before, during and after a job.

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