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Contractor finds success embracing islanders’ desire to maintain the pristine

Andy Farrissey is a contractor in Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the southern tip of Cape Cod in New England. Known for its uniqueness and originality, the residents on Martha’s Vineyard are concerned about maintaining the natural ‘patina’ of what is there. Read how Farrissey has embraced these challenges and built a successful contracting business using horizontal directional drilling.

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HDD tooling techniques: Picking the right tooling for rock bores

Seasoned horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crews are confident in their abilities to bore through just about any ground condition. But there’s no denying that when they encounter rock, the job is more difficult. Here are some tips to choosing tooling for rock bores.

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3 questions you should ask yourself when looking to buy a utility trencher

Vermeer is dedicated to providing its customers equipment that fits their jobsite needs. In today’s utility market, that means machines that are right-sized; powered for tight, urban spaces; and designed with operators’ comfort in mind. Here are three questions to ask when looking to buy a utility trencher.

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Don’t overlook HDD tooling

Nearly every horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractor would agree that downhole tooling matters. Because tooling is a wear item and so much of its usage occurs underground, where operators may not be sure what they’re engaged in, there’s a tendency for tooling to be underappreciated. Read these tips to gain a strategic approach to HDD tooling.

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Used equipment market growing

In the construction industry, so much of the focus is on new equipment. But the market for used equipment is growing. Consider these tips the next time you are thinking about purchasing used equipment.

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7 tips for better locating

Successful utility locating requires good equipment and better technique. When problems arise, fault most often lies with the person, not the equipment. Here are some tips to help your team better locate utilities.

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