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VIDEO: BoreAssist from Vermeer

Wouldn’t it be great to digitally track your progress on every bore? Need to make a last-minute adjustment to the bore path once on the jobsite? You can do both with the help of BoreAssist from Vermeer.

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Tips for hiring workers for your HDD company

Many HDD companies have experienced a labor shortage, and without hardworking, reliable crews, HDD companies can’t do their jobs. Here are some tips to help guide your employee search process.

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VIDEO: BoreAid® design tool

How would your HDD crews like a rod-by-rod bore plan? How about an electronic report to give to clients? If you answered “yes,” you don’t want to miss this video about BoreAid® design tool from Vermeer.

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HDD industry offers promising career path

Vermeer Corporation has heard from contractors and dealers alike that there is a perpetual shortage of qualified horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operators and crew members in the underground utility industry. Here’s how the industry is offering a promising career path.

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Three tips for UCT

Vermeer is heading to Atlanta on February 3 and 4, 2016 for the Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT). Here are three tips for making the most of your time at the event.

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